Twitter has a limit on people that you can follow?

Did you know that Twitter limits the number of people that you can follow? If you were wondering, the limit on people you can follow is 2,000.

If you’re interested here’s a link for proof:

I know your thinking “but salsa, i’ve seen people with 10000’s of followers”- that’s true, but it’s all based on ratios of followers to follows. I understand that it’s to control spam, but Twitter’s explanation on the help page really made my blood boil. On the FAQ help page linked above, when asked the question “Why does Twitter Limit my behavior?” their response is absolutely insulting:

twitter limit

    “help us make Twitter a nice place for everyone.”

My reaction right now:

Twitter a nice place?!??!!? GTFO!- Take it away Ari
GTFO ari

Twitter is the biggest collection of trolls, retards, dumbasses, and degenerates known to man. Twitter is single-handedly responsible for the ‘Look at me Generation’ and this budding culture of the ‘Twitter Mafia’ who’ll stop at nothing to find things to bitch about.

Thanks twitta… you really fucked me. you fucked me right in the ass. Oh well, back to the drawing board.

slice yo shit


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