Guess Who’s Back?

Whats up bitches?! It’s been 15 days since my last post/self-imposed vacation and boy oh boy what a time it has been. This is the first in a series of blogs that’s going to recap the last fifteen days. Everything from sports, to life lessons, to stories about me being a responsible drunk. Buckle up and enjoy the ride.

We started off the bowl season with a slate of 5 magical games and me going miraculously 5-0 in picks to put my good friend and boss in the hole. The highlight being the Raycom Media Camellia Bowl in which Bowling Green edged out South Alabama 33-28 thanks in part to this insane 78 yard TD. I have literally never had more fun watching a game than I did at this particular moment in time. I had to catch a train the next day and got about 2 hours sleep from riding the Camellia Bowl high.

Then we had the Miami Beach Bowl on the 22nd with BYU and Memphis. It was a pretty early game and I may have been the only one at the bar watching it but it was well worth it. The fight in the end, the 2 overtimes, the free cider the bartender was giving me, everything about the game screamed “Pwagon seek help” but I digress.

As a sidenote, yes I do drink cider. I think it’s delicious. I’ll go on record as saying I’m not a craft beer snob who needs to know the ratio of hops to semen or whatever is in craft beers. Fuck those guys. Beer is beer. You don’t drink it for enjoyment, you drink it to get drunk. I’ll drink a Keystone over some fancy German beer any day of the week.

And another thing, Sam Adams is the most overrated beer on the PLANET. Sure it’s a Boston thing and all of you readers probably are going to tweet me hate for this (hit me up @pwagon60) but Sam Adams has no discernible enjoyable taste. It tastes like they took a urinal sample from Fenway, dipped the bottles in the Back Bay to clean them and then found runoff in TD Garden to get the taste. It’s disgusting. And coming out with seasonal beers is just a marketing ploy to get people to buy the beer year round. If you do that you’re a sheep. You know what beer doesnt have a seasonal market? All of the good ones.

The Bahamas Bowl was again REDICULOUS with this highlight:

And then we hit a holiday hangover, the games were on, not many were good. But everyone watched them anyway. I watched A Christmas Story only once this year, all the hate around the movie really turned me off, I usually love A Christmas Story, but whatever.

Skipping a few days that had great games but don’t matter to get to the point of my blog.

The prestigious Franklin American Mortgage Music City Bowl pitting my Notre Dame Fighting Irish against the heathens of Louisiana State University was all that I dreamed of and more. Malik Zaire took what he was given and coronated himself as the next quarterback of the Irish. Yes I’ve said this before with Golson, Rees, Crist and Clausen but I truly believe that Zaire will be the quarterback to take the program to the next level. They already have rediculous receivers returning to the program in Fuller, Robertson, Prosise, Hunter Jr. and Brent. Add in Folston and Bryant and the offense is scary. Even if him and Golson split time like they did in this game, Zaire just adds another element to the offense. He has an arm like a fucking cannon so that helps matters as well.

A word on Leonard Fournette, Holy Fuck. A man his size should not have done the things he did at the speed he did them. He’ll be a viable Heisman candidate for years to come.

I got a lot of shit about ND not winning or LSU giving the game away but the fact of the matter is this. ND’s offensive line kicked the shit out of LSU’s defensive line all game. It held it’s own when it had to and the backs made the plays they needed to when they were called upon. It was an all around solid team win and a great way for the team to go into the 2015 season, see you in 243 days Texas.

Overall the first 10 days of my vacation weren’t laugh out loud funny or feature any moments where you guys actually care what I did. I just wanted to put out my view of sports to start my blogging toward more of a sports base, but you don’t need to know that, only Mr. CEO does (hint hint read this Salsa)

The next time (probably tomorrow or the next day) I’ll recap some life lessons learned on New Years Eve, the College Football Semi-final, and why Connecticut is the bane of my existence.

“#bloglife is great. truly never a dull moment”-Salsa


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