Want to get rich?

Want to get Rich? of course you do. I shy away from betting advice and sports articles on this blog (even though i’m a huge sports guy) because i don’t really think it’s that interesting to read. But I will say this.

The Atlanta Hawks are the Real Deal.

    They are playing the best team ball in the NBA, and nobody knows about them. I’ve been a lifelong hawks fan and i can say this is the best team i’ve ever seen us assemble.

    Bet the Hawks to win it all this year (NBA Futures). Stay with me here:

    Hawks are currently +2800 to win it all. that’s stealing money. for those of you that don’t understand lines that means for every dollar you bet you get 28 back if they win (28-1 odds).

    betting $100= $2800

    betting $357.14= $10,000

That’s unreal. The hawks are currently #1 in an extremely weak Eastern Conference this year. They just wrapped up a west coast trip where they beat the Rockets and Mavericks

Quick name a hawk other than Al Horford! Go!
hawks roster 2014

Also they hawks have the best intro in the NBA (fast forward to 24 seconds on this clip -MUST WATCH)

i’ll revisit this blog in June when i’m on the verge of 10K.


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