Salsa Advice: with a bonus New Years Party Recipe

I don’t like handing out advice often, because i don’t know shit about anything. But i do know how to be a good person. I was fortunate to grow up in the south and have thus been inundated with southern hospitality my whole life. Anyway, this little piece of advice will make people gain more respect for you as a person. Here it is.

Salsa Philosophy

When you are a guest at someone’s house or party, don’t show up empty handed. Nobody is worse than a free-loader. nobody. “Hey Salsa- what do i bring??” depends on the occasion- dinner? buy the food, bring wine, make a (good) side dish. Personally i always go wine/quality beer (NOT 3 buck chuck or beast light). it sets the tone.

But the one thing that is always a hit at any party is my famous “Salsa Ocho Dip”- it’s your basic 7 layer dip +1 more layer.

i toyed with giving yall the recipe becasue this isn’t your fucking mom blog, but learn this and use it- people will eat the shit out of it. mark my words.make sure to follow this recipe

pan- (aluminum foil disposable pan, or regular baking pan

Bottom: spread re-fried beans in a smooth layer at the bottom

level 2- Sour Cream (Secret Level (mix in taco seasoning into the sour cream before spreading evenly))

Level 3- Chunky Salsa (your preference here, but i use tostitos medium chunky)

Optional Guacamole level — i don’t use it, you can but i wouldn’t

Level 4- Lettuce (shredded romine- go light here)

Level 5- Diced tomatoes

Level 6- Chopped green onions-Chives

Level 7- Shredded Cheese- sharp chedda

Now some people will want to add olives or jalapenos, i’ll give you some advice…don’t! a majority of people will not like those ingredients and you’re making this dip to please the masses. you can customize it to your own desire if your making it for just you, but if you’re doing it for guests, don’t add olives or jalapenos

this is what it’ll look like when you’re finished.


chip dip homer


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