Christmas Stuff

For some reason, i’m having a little tougher time falling into the Christmas spirit this year.I’m not sure why this is, so this blog is stuff that no Salsa holiday season goes without. Hopefully this will do the trick.

As you read this blog, click on this song and enjoy it.

Best Christmas song of all time. bar none. i don’t even live in NY and it’s awesome. Tribute to America’s finest and a christmas carol wrapped into one. I play it every holiday season, and it’s chills city everytime i Hear it.

The Grinch- cartoon version only. A must watch every season.
the grinch

Home Alone 1- Growing up they used to show this on TV on Thanksgiving night every year. They no longer do that, but no worries because i have the DVD and i never go a season without watching it at least once.
home alone dvd

my charlie brown christmas tree- i’ve had this dumb tree for years, and it’s never not going to be with me. keeps me grounded.

this iconic image from an iconic Christmas special that will survive the test of time. I don’t know what it is about this image, but i like it. Charlie Brown just chillin with his bro questioning himself and wondering if it will ever finally work out the way he pictured it. Salsa feels like this on the daily.

chocolate covered oreos- gotta go white chocolate here. I think they’re only sold durning the holidays, and if that’s not true, don’t tell me.
white chocolate oreos

Meatloaf-For some strange reason growing up, my mom always made meatloaf on christmas eve for dinner. It’s been a salsa tradition for years, and i have no clue why. The meatloaf is Bomb and i’ll share it another time in a recipe blog. easy as hell to make and will feed you for days.

My Box of lights (currently all still in the box)- i have this box of tangled lights that seems to always make the move with me. not sure why or if they even work anymore, but those lights have been with me forever dating back to my freshman year in college. just looking at the box puts a smile on my face.
lights xmas

Coke bombs- I always called these things coke bombs and they only pop up around the holiday season. love em.
coke bomb

peanut butter kiss cookies- these are awesome. point blank. period.
peanut butter kiss cookie

my santa hat- love this thing. it doubles as a head-warmer and it looks festive as fuck. wear it anywhere in the month of Decemeber and people immediately start having more respect for you. note- you gotta go basic red & white- no logos or other fancy shit. Classic is the move. tip- invest in a good santa hat and should last you a few good seasons.
santa hat

Advent Calendar- actually didn’t have one of these for the first time in about 15 years. I just didn’t see them anywhere. Maybe that’s what i’ve been missing? i won a sales contest in 3rd grade by selling about 200 of these bitches:
advent calander

Trans Siberian Orchestra- Growing up this album would play on loop on christmas day. it’s an absolute must have in the ipod during the holiday season. just banger tune after banger tune. Also phenomenal in concert if they’re coming to your town. Few people these days are worth the price of admission, but they most certainly are.
Trans siberian orchestra

And that’s about it. I gotta say this blog helped put me in a better mood already. until next time, Merry Christmas you fucking assholes!
merry christmas asshole


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