Salsa Responds: 7 ways to Be your Bartender’s Best friend

I’m no scholar…I’m no journalist, but i am a drinker. I spend a lot of time in bars and i happened to come across this article or 7 ways to befriend your bartender. here’s the Article Link by Rochelle Bilow

The articles points will be in bold italics. my response will be below each. Lets go:

1. Don’t Snap, Wave, or Exhibit Otherwise Demeaning Behavior to Get Your Bartender’s Attention

If you do this, you’re a douche bag plain and simple. I learned early on there’s two ways to go about getting bar space. 1- Attack the corners. It sounds ridiculous but people always pile to the middle of the bar, but a majority of bartenders work their way from the outside in.2. Attack the registers- A typical bar will have 1-3 registers, and if you go make space near one you can make eye contact with the bartender as she types in orders and then once you make eye contact, learn to master the phrase “when you get a chance”.

2. Don’t Take Up More than Your Fair Share of Space

All you need is a hand on the bar, turn sideways, and slide your shoulder in and then rotate 90 degrees. i don’t really know how it’s possible to take up more than your allotted space. if you aren’t ordering drinks then yes get out of the way. once you order drinks, get out of the way. it’s not hard. I like to find out where a bartender brings a big order of drinks/shots and then shoot that gap when they turn around and leave the bar.

3. Keep It Classy (a.k.a. Don’t Be a Wastey-Face)

This is the stupidest piece of advice ever and proves that the article was written by a sorority girl. Wastey-face??? get the fuck out of here with that shit. The Bartenders job is to get you drunk, just don’t puke at the bar and you’ll be fine.

4. Play Nice With Others

Another bitch thing to say. Just don’t start a fight until your outside the bar in the streets.

5. Charge Your %&@! Phone at Home

Every time I see people ask to charge their phones at the bar it blows my mind. I’m not even a bartender and this pisses me off. Invest in a better phone that holds charge longer, or invest in one of those backup chargers you can keep in your pocket/purse. Some people even ask to borrow a charger. If you’re the bartender in this situation, don’t charge your phone in front of the customers (that’s asking for it). If your the customer, just fucking deal with your dead phone. You’re not going to die without twitter for 2-3 hours. The bartender is there to serve drinks not watch your phone and give you space for your phone to charge. It’s one of those things where if one person does it, you have everyone else at the bar with less than 20% battery coming up asking if they can charge theirs too. If I ever open a bar, I’m going to charge 10 cents a minute to charge your phone.
6. Choose the Right Bar for Your Needs 
My first reaction to this was…uhhh what? then i thought about it and i suppose it’s okay advice. There are basically a bunch of different types of bars. That’s a whole other blog, but without too much detail you have your dive bars, your low key chill bars, neighborhood bars, your frat bars, your trendy bars, your clubs, martini bars, your wine bars, your hipster bars, your shot bars, your specialty pubs and probably a few more i can’t think of. I’m a weird breed in the fact that I love any and every type of bar out there. The crew your going out with has a lot to do with the bars that you end up. I could be wrong, but my gut is that most people only like to go to 2-3 of those. Just have low expectations so you can always be pleasantly surprised.
7. Bartenders and Customers: Tip Well and Be Appreciative
This goes without saying. Always tip well. I’ve found that people always think they tip well, but they rarely do. Another interesting thing i’ve noticed is that the people with the least in their bank account usually tip the best. They just understand how tough it is to grind out a living in the service industry and are generally more appreciative. One last piece of advice: the first time you go to a bar that you intend to frequent, leave a GIANT tip and this will set you up nicely for future visits. Bartenders never forget a person that tips extremely well, and most of the time, they’ll help you out with free drinks/ talk you up to other chicks at the bar.
PS-Decent Pour
decent pour

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