“the u part 2- Review”- Review of pwagons review

to clarify, this is a review of a review done by our newest editor on staff @pwagon.

He originally wanted to do a blog on The U part 2. I said no problem. He came through with a pretty well written piece focusing mainly on the 7th floor crew. if you missed his thoughts, you can read his review here

I’m writing this blog a little hung over so here is my list form notes:

1. First @pwagon called the show “terribly mediocre”
My response: No fucking way! Proof? here’s a tweet i fired off about 1 minute after last nights episode concluded:

2. his main point revolved on the lack of the 7th floor crew. Counldn’t agree more. they spent about 1 hour on Evan Shapiro, and 1 minute on the Crew. The crew was hilarious and they had a monster jam that will withstand the test of time. 3. he did a great job quoting the show. with that many personalities, they’re were quotes for days popping out of da u part 2 crew. Here are a few highlights that I tweeted:

4. he said it left a lot to be desired and was 1.5 hours too long? pshhhhhhhhhhhh get out of here with that. i would have liked to see it longer. it’s all about the U baby.

5. he Rated it 2.5 stars. 2.5 stars out of 5. to put that in perspective, he believes that 1/2 of everything he’s ever watched on TV is better than the U part 2. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?!? (cue the motha fucking GIF)
GTFO ari

6. he did end it with a couple of side notes which i thought were very solid, and i’m going to do the same in this blog.

7. Signing off with a quote is a fucking VET MOVE. dropping a sign off quote in blog #1 makes me think the sky is the limit for this kid. we have not yet begun to scratch the surface of the potential this dude has.

overall I give his review 2.5 motherfucking stars (out of 5). #HOWBOUTTHEMAPPLES

you almost have to respect the president of Miami’s “i don’t give a shit” attitude towards everything.

Ed reed is a fat homeless man.
ed reed fat

I need this shirt.

dyme lyfe shirt

If nothing else: this program will be monumental in the resurrection of Trick Daddy’s Career. NOW HIT THE MOTHER FUCKING MUSIC!

all about the u


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