It’s been quite the monumental weekend for the Salsa Man. You may remember when a few days back when I extended an opportunity to one of my fellow twitter followers (Nick P) to grade my blogs. Well Grade he did. he graded his fucking ass off for 3 whole blogs, and I finally decided that it was time. He approached me with an idea. He wanted a bigger role in the blog and mentioned that he may be interested in blogging about the ESPN Special 30 for 30 The U part 2.I saw the fire in his eyes, and knew he wouldn’t take no for an answer. I decided right then an there that this was our guy. this is THE guy.

I need you to take a moment, pause, and realize that this is a Monumental moment for the blog. Mon-u-men-tal. You are witnessing the first brick of the blogging empire being cemented.

In his time as a blog Grader, Nick P, was able to see the ins and outs of our organization, and it was clear from day one that he would be a perfect fit for the Blog. Without further adieu, i’d like to congratulate Nick P with his promotion to our brand New Chief Editor/Author.

Congrats Nick, and welcome to the team. With so many new face, i know it can be hard to keep track of bloggers, titles, etc. but FEAR NOT! I have included an organizational structure chart you can find below:

Salsa Origanizational Chart

PS- We are now accepting applications for a new Blog Grader. If this sounds like you, please contact @pwagon


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