Cool Shit: BelayCords

I’ve been looking for something to ask for Christmas and I finally found it. It’s a simple iPhone charging cord.

belayCord 1

What’s so great about it you ask? well lots of things.

1. the length- apple gives you a 1 meter cord with your phone- fuck that. this one is 2 meters
2. it comes in a bunch of different colors.
2. you can plug it in your USB port both ways. ( you never have to fiddle with getting it in the right way)
3. It’s indestructible. and it comes with a LIFETIME Warranty- the last cord you’ll ever need.

you can see the quick video they made for kickstarter a few months back here:

you can order them here:

it got me thinking about investment opportunities though… why don’t ALL USB drives have this capability?? It just makes no sense to me why they would only work one way and not the other. Seriously…blows my fucking mind. Now that we know this technology exists, there’s no excuse as to why anything requiring a USB plug should would only work one way from this day forward.


Salsa Philosophy
“IF you aren’t moving forward on technology blvd. you’ll become a speed bump”

EDIT 1: Nick P Blog Rating B Reason: ” marks down for using meters. We’re in America”


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