to my 4 readers…Thanks.

Well i’ve been watching the stats over the past two weeks or so and i’ve seen that i may have an audience of four people. and to those 4 people, i’d like to say Thank you. I mean it. you guys make it all worth it.

if i can put at least one smile on one face, one thought in one head, or one person to try one new thing than i’ve done my job by making a difference in this world (hopefully for the better).

I may not be the smartest dude, not the best looking, not the funniest, not the coolest, but i’m a true grinder in every sense of the word.

with that said, i’d like to introduce my newest blog grader to the salsa team: Nick P. Technically, i’ve never met Nick P nor discussed the position, but we’ve been in contact via the twitter over the past few months, and he sent me a grade on my Wonton Blog this morning. the grade: B+

Nick P welcome to the team. me and the other 3 readers are looking forward to many more grades to come.

also i’m still looking for blog graders. contact me via twitter @salsastoolie


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