Talkin Soup… Wonton Soup

Soup season is in Session.

Wonton Soup is the fucking best. Not a chinese meal goes buy when i don’t order the “wonton for 2” along side my chinese food. I live in the middle of about 29 Chinese food places and all their soups taste a little different, but most are delicious. If you haven’t tried wonton soup, you’re doing yourself a dis-service. here’s my thoughts on the perfect wonton soup.

Start with the wontons themselves. They gotta be medium in stature. not to big, but not to small. Too big, and you have no broth, too small and you have no substance. It’s a tricky line to walk, but when done correctly, it’s a money combo. A perfect wonton should be just bigger than a spoon scoop.

Salsa Philosophy

Sidebar: I’ve found that there’s a direct correlation between the size of the wontons and the quality of the food. the bigger the wontons, the better the food, conversely the smaller the wontons the cheaper/shittier the food.

The Broth: This seperates the men from the boys. While wontons almost always taste the same, the broth does not. The broth is the Star of the Show. It makes or breaks the soup. Some are too thick some to thin, some to overbearing, some bland. The key is to get it just right. One key thing that every broth must have though is a nice topping of green onions. Many places forgo this, and that is why they lose my respect and business. here’s a pic of some nice looking broth. (not the size of the small onions and not just one massive green leaf that some soups use.

wonton soup

it’s also important to remember that Great wonton soup does not have any additional pieces of food in it. No mushrooms, no broccoli, no spinach leaves, no noodles…NOTHING OTHER THAN WONTONS AND BROTH with a few tiny green onions on top (see picture for reference)

Finally, The “soup crunchies” as i call them. When you order the wonton for two they’ll usually give you a bag of fired soup crunchies as i like to call them. I have no clue what they’re actually called, but they usually give you a bag with your soup (some places will give you 2 bags!-again these are the places with higher quality food bc they aren’t cheap as fuck). The soup crunchies always look different from place to place. there is a certain type that i LOVE, and they are pictured below. – i just learned they’re actually called fried wonton strips- (note: its not chow-mein, it’s not just crackers, not just crunchy strips, but actually fried strips)

fried wonton strips

If you find a place that gives you perfect wontons, perfect broth, and fried wonton strips to boot, you’ll never have eat at another Chinese food restaurant again. it’s an extremely rare combonation to find, but i’ve actually found about 3 places that have made this stuff correctly over the 70 or so different places i’ve been. once you find it, you’ll be like


EDIT: Blog Grade by Nick P: B+

EDIT 2: My mouth was watering after this blog so i went out and got some soup from a new place that opened up down the street. Hands down the worst wonton soup i’ve had all year…figures.

EDIT 3: A twitter follower pointed out that this blog gets an incomplete for not adding this. shout out to @roberteleestool for the heads up. go and follow him on twitta dudes timeline is must see stuff.


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