Bloglife don’t sleep

Well i woke up this morning at 3:13am. I was cold as fuck and wide awake.

couldn’t sleep at all, so decided to hit the blog. It’s now 5:21am and i’m happy to announce that i FINALLY Figured out how to add the side menu and a top menu (shit isn’t as easy as you think- you have to create categories- which for a rookie blogger was the part i didn’t know and thus couldn’t create effective menus). when i finally figured it out, i was like

fist to the sky

Sometimes you just gotta throw your fist to the sky.

quick sidebar- one time when i was coming back from a friends lake house i was so hung over that i made the whole car pull over on the side of a country road so i could throw up. mid-barf, a random car drives by and honks the horn. all i do is throw my fist to the sky and finish tossin’ my cookies.


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