Salsa’s thoughts on Airports

I have a confession to make. I love Airports. People are so angry and everyone is in such a hurry that it is the perfect recipe for people watching soup. You’re almost guaranteed to see a meltdown at any point along the way. These are the stages of airport travel. Below is the salsa guide & thoughts on the stages of Air Travel

1. The alarm– How early is too early to arrive at the airport? you want to arrive early enough, but not too early that you’ll be sitting around forever. Whenever you decide to leave will set the tone for the rest of the day.

2. The parking– you’re at the airport. you’ve probably driven. where do you park. economy lot?  how will you remember where you parked? quick: cost benefit analysis considering distance from airport, cost, and time till flight? oh yeah, how much time will it take to get a tram to the termanal? so many options/ and so much crazy drivers too-

3.Check in-you’re finally at the airport time to get your boarding pass and check your bag. this could take anywhere from 3 minutes to 1hr.

4. Security- Everyone’s favorite part of flying. This is where shit gets WILD. people loose all sense of respect and just start pushng and shoving for plastic bins while they akwardly remove clothes shoes belts jackets etc. I always wear one jacket with a zip pocket and put all my shit in that pocket (phone, ipod, watch, wallet, boarding pass, etc)

5. the wait- YOU’VE MADE IT. The tough part is over- smooth sailing from here. just find a spot, pop a squat, grab a bite and chill till your flight. tip: don’t fall asleep though or you’ll miss your flight.

6. Boarding- this can get a little dicey- everyone kinda bum rushes the plane. You know motherfuckers cheat and board ahead of thier “zones”, and yes that does bother me, but I WILL NEVER be one of those shitheads that does that. if you are, then fuck you. we’re all getting on the plane, and i know you just want overhead space for your oversized bag(s) ya fucking asshole. just don’t be poor and check a bag if you have too much stuff.

7. Landing/Baggage Claim- wait. wait. wait wait to get off, then wait for your luggage, then wait for your ride. Lots of waiting lots of rage triggers, but by this point you’re too damn tire to give a single fuck.

8. Ride Home-  ZzzzzzZzzZzzz wethers it’s friends/family/taxi/bus/train/etc. i’m passing out.

So how do they rank from worst to best? 4,3,2,7,6,1.5,8hooter flight

This was a real shitty blog. I will do better in the future. my apologies for making you read that garbage.



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