Investment oppotunity: Ugly Christmas Sweaters

so i was reading this article about all these people who’ve made a fortune in the past few years off selling ugly Christmas sweaters. Here’s the link if you’re interested:


In short, the article tells about people quitting jobs, raiding thrift stores, and manufacturing sweaters overseas to earn a huge profit by selling these things on Ebay. They are making tons of cash. Tons. millions even. these dumbass sweaters are so hot that the big box retail stores are even jumping on the bandwagon, and i don’t blame them. it’s actually enraging to me- selling a piece of shit $4.00 sweater for $45-$75.

I have 2 schools of thought on this:
1. FUCK YOU! Back when i was in college i couldn’t find these things anywhere because of shitheads like you wanting to make a quick buck. if you looked online you’re looking to spend 50 bucks plus on a piece of shit that you’ll wear 1/2 times a year to a party and probably ruin it by spilling hunch punch on it.

2. Respect. you saw a market with a need, and capitalized on it. props- i’m jealous. Every sorority/fraternity in the country is going to have some type of Tacky Christmas party. hell, even college kids not in the greek system will have a ugly sweater party. hell there are tons of BUSINESSES out there that throw christmas parties for this kind of crap.

so you know what??? why not me. i’m going to go the the local thrift store right now to try and find one of these things, and then i’m going to try and hawk it on Ebay. Don’t worry i’ll blog about it.
Step 1: find ugly sweater
Step 2: list on Ebay (no clue how to do this yet)
Step 3: Get Paid!!!!

PS- I need this shit.
hawks ugly as shit sweater
PPS- $74.82?!?!? ehhhh on second thought, Blow my rod.


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