Talkin’ Burgers…Ranking the best in the US

I saw an article discussing the most popular burger chains in each part of the country. Here is the list to end all list to end the debate.
great american burger chain

1. In and Out Burger

in and out burger

I had three of these things in 2 days when i visited the west coast this past summer. Very few things could have lived up to all they hype i’ve heard about these things over the years, but these puppies did. The Burgers are perfectly crafted and are just simply delicious. You can order them a bunch of different ways, people like “animal style”, i just liked it regular with grilled onions.

2. Five Guys Burgers & Fries

five guys

These things are amazing. Best thing is, is that they’re made to order so they’re always piping hot. The contrast between the steaming hot patty and the icy cold lettuce, tomato, and pickle is just money on a bun. I also like that you can get peanuts while you wait.

(Lots of space between the top two and #3)

3. Krystal / Whitecastle

krystal burger

Upset City!!!! i know this will be controversial, but growing up in the Southeast US made me love krystal. we had them everywhere and now i don’t have one within 1000 miles of me. I crave these little bitches all the time and always make sure to swing by when i go on vacation. if your telling me your don’t crave a sackful after a night of heavy drinking your lying. Krystal over Whitecastle gun to head, but they’re the same fucking thing.

Most overated Burgers
1. Carls Jr./ Hardees- Great ads on TV. Terrible fucking burgers
2. Whataburger- Big Burgers sure, but 0 taste and fall apart in your hands- no thanks.

Bonus x2:
Battle of the shit burgers (Mcdonalds, Wendys, Burger King)
1. Wendys- Best of the three- i guess the freshest?
2. McDonalds- McDecent- consistently average
3. Burger King- BK has just gone down the shitter recently- liquid smoke on “Flamebroiled” bullshit

if you don’t agree- go choke on a hotdog.

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