Bloglife rolls on… My thoughts on ‘startups’…with some bonus business advice

So i’ve been trying to write this blog which revolves around a giant twitter heckling i did recently. I’m trying to blog it in chronological order, but there is no program that i’ve found to easily reverse my twitter timeline. The three promising ones i’ve found (tweetdeck, storify, and topsy) can’t come up with all the tweets which are crucial to telling the story. Both can grab about 80% of the tweets, but i Need the whole 100% to explain it accurately.

it got me thinking…why make a fucking program/widget that doesn’t work properly?

i tried using this program called Storify, but it didn’t find all my tweets and wouldn’t let me embed the code into this blog directly. Fuck that. i looked at the people who founded storify and realized that it was just a bunch of nerds out in San Francisco.

People who work for these bullshit startup companies make the shittiest products and never really finish anything. they just code up something that sounds great in theory but when it comes to execution- it’s absolute horseshit. This happens all the time. I have many friends who went to technical schools and got advanced technical degrees who have entered and even won “hacking” competitions and it’s all a facade. Decent ideas that become bare bones of a terribly designed product. even the projects that are halfway functional look like horseshit. it’s absolutely mind-blowing that these punks can’t put together a decent looking product that does one thing and one thing well. they always want to add 20381098365401948 features and options when all i need it to fucking do is reverse my twitter feed and take a screenshot.

Salsa Philosophy

Newsflash to all you fuckers out there reading this. Rule #1 to be successful in business… Do 1 thing and do it better than anybody else. follow that and guarantee you’ll be a rich person.

live look how i’m feeling right now:
cuban pissed


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