Bloglife chronicals: My quest for Flannel lined jeans

I suck at shopping. Hate it really. I’m the most indecisive person ever. The majority of what i wear are t-shirts and jeans. Nice button downs when i go out, but that’s about it.

Anyhow, i came across these flannel lined jeans randomly online when they were trending on yahoo the other day. They are your basic Jeans with flannel lining on the inside to keep your ass warm-literally. Genius. Absolutely Genius Product. A must have for your degenerate up and coming blogger.

flannel lined jeans

I decided right then and there that i needed a pair. the ultimate comfort article. So today i went to the local outlet mall, and about 15 different stores that sold jeans and not one of them had them. hell, only one of them had actually even heard of the jeans. You see, I live in Texas, and they don’t send those nice warm seasonal things down here.

Now i’m stuck because i hate ordering clothes online because they never seem to fit my lanky frame correctly. Oh well. I may just have to bite the bullet and do it. (heading to amazon now)


2 thoughts on “Bloglife chronicals: My quest for Flannel lined jeans”

  1. except wearing them in the summer would be hot as shit, making ridiculous amounts of ass sweat. in addition, no one would even know they’re flannel. unless of course you go around telling people they’re flannel, but then you’re that dude talking about his jeans all night..

    it’s your money, I say get them.

    1. appreciate the thoughts Rozay- most certainly only a winter wear as i’m not looking for extra summer nut sweat. already get enough as it is. I’ll never be the dude talking about his apparel- that guy is the absolute worst. I’m all about comfort and these look to be a 10 on that scale. Ordered a pair last night- i’ll post a review when it comes in.

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