Teaching myself the bloglife: Step two- Connecting the Twitter handle

well i’ve posted a few quality blogs now (4 total) and I have 0 outside views? how do we get dem views up? I’ve built myself a nice little army of around 300 followers in the past 5 months, so now is the time that I gotta connect the twitter handle @salsastoolie -but how do we do it? fuck if I know. Live blog of me learning starts right now. I give it 20 minutes to figure out, and i’ll take the under (we’ll see what happens)

Live Blog:
-trying to teach myself. just mashing buttons on the wordpress dashboard
-just added a bunch of sharing buttons (basically every social media platform) not sure if they’ll show up
(no idea what i’m doing)
– i think i did it?
( i did NOT do it- went to the site- no Twitter timeline on the side- not fucking happy about it)
-alright i got to google it now- thought i could do it on my own but NOPE!
– Maybe i need an RSS Feed??
– apparently i need to create a twitter widget? (damn- this is much more complex than i anticipated)
(and 20 minutes is up NOOOOOOOO- those who took the over- congrats on betting on my stupidity)
– This won’t take me 40 minutes will it? (place your bets now- this time i’ll take the over, but i feel i’m close….)
-AND we done!! TIME (31 minutes 2 seconds)

Yessir!! i now have a live feed on the left side of my blog but how do i get it on the right side? I’m gonna go back at it for bonus coverage here we go. lets go for under 5 minutes…
-GOTTT EMM- i got to get used to this drag and drop shit. by trying to make things easier wordpress just made it more difficult to figure out how to delete things. oh well live and learn.
Time (4 minutes 5 seconds)

live look at my reaction right now…



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