i’m an idiot, but How the fuck do i delete a wordpress blog?

Apparently I’m an idiot? who knows? i swear i’ve gotten astronomically dumber since graduating college a few years back. I’ve set up a blog, but have 2 main sites. I only want one, but can’t for the life of me figure out how to delete one simple site entirely. It’s frustrating as fuck!

The problem: Two Sites

The Goal: One Site

Why is this so ridiculously hard? why isn’t there a ‘delete’ button on the bittersalsa blog? i fundamentally don’t understand why wordpress needs to make this such an issue. it’s almost as if they don’t want you to delete anything in the history of blogging.

I’m gonna do some quick googling to figure this thing out, and i’ll live blog along the way so you can be shotgun for my whirlwind of unavoidable emotions. here we go.

(5 minutes later)
“Thank you for using WordPress.com, your site has been deleted. Happy trails to you until we meet again.”


so wordpress asks you like 5 times making sure you want to actually delete the site, and then once you think you’re done, they mix in a line in the fine print that says that they’ll send you an email for you to take the site down you have to click on the link. When i tried deleting it in the past i must have missed that part. sneaky bastards. oh well the point is, that we now have one site and we’re ready to roll. don’t know what this will become, but i enjoy blogging. so enjoy the ride…

real time- look at my reaction after deleting the site
nets fan

hands down, one of my favorite GIF’s of all time. the joy that guy has in that moment is 100 times greater than anything will ever make me.


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