Apparently 6 months has gone by since my last blog…ARE YOU KIDDING ME?

So i just published a blog and realized that my other two posts were made 1/2 a year ago (almost to the day). Wait what?

i’m trying to think about what i’ve done the past 6 months and i honestly can’t think of much. I got shitcanned from my bullshit job back in early May, and i set up a blog bc i was bored and had nothing to do. Then i guess life happened and i forgot about it, until tonight. it’s been like a black hole of time but i’m going to try to piece the time together to figure it out.

May- literally don’t remember shit about that month- NBA finals maybe? who won Spurs?!? yeah that month was a blur of nothing
June- World cup soccer right? i remember watching the USA Games- that shit was awesome. Sidebar:

USA Ganna- watched at a local bar ate wings-
USA Germany- Watched at an airport on way to bachelor party- got incredibly hammered at a Chili’s, and i remember going beer coffee beer coffee beer coffee, and i started drinking at 9 am when it opened
USA Belgium- got ridiculously hammered for this one had about 8 24 oz beers (hardo right?) and then a couple fireball shots that blacked me out and i hooked up with one of the hottest chicks of my life that night…I BELIEVE!– we played some other games, but i don’t remember watching them.
World cup was fun in June

July- came what did i do for the fourth? i can’t really remember. Actually now i do remember- went to my buddies place and ended up meeting up with a tinder girl from Canada and we hooked up. so bizzare because she was like 15 years older, but she was fun. the rest of the month i guess i was planning my roadtrip

August- took a 3 week roadtrip around the US. it was really fun, but really expensive. I’ll tell some of the stories someday. I guess football season started and since then time has been FLYING. I’m a big time SEC fan, and i do love NFL sunday like any other warm blooded american.

September came and went, i had a birthday and attended wedding. this was the most uneventful birthday of my entire life. i never make a big deal out of those, but i almost didn’t even remember my own birthday.

October came and went- broke up with this chick i’d been dating since the summer off and on- went to another wedding. went to a couple football games back home.

Now we’re mid november- the weather is cold rainy and shitty, but the holidays are right around the corner. I love the holiday season. can’t wait for that…but it seriously blows my mind that this much time has past between my past few posts.

time is a flat circle

black hole


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